Muslims Leave God Of Hate -Find God Of Love

In the midst of the oppression and despair of multitudes living under Islam, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is visiting many of them personally and touching them with love.

One of the greatest moves of God is taking place right now among Muslim people worldwide. Once they have been touched by love, something never to be found in Islam, hearts are awakened to the knowledge that the great Creator is also the God of love, not hate.

I spent several years in the Middle East, and I'll never forget one conversation with a ten-year-old boy who was selling his wares on the streets. One day this little boy approached us as we sat at a bet-cafe in downtown Jerusalem. I was with someone who spoke Arabic, so I asked him to ask the boy why he was smoking cigarettes at such a young age, and didn't he know it would make him sick and kill him at an early age?

The child answered, "So what? What do I have to live for?"

My heart broke over the absolute despair I saw in the heart of this little child. I have grieved over him in prayer many a time since.

So I take great joy in this move of God taking place among the Muslim peoples. They are coming to faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in record numbers world-wide.

Funny the media aren't talking about it.

Click on the link below to hear the testimonies of young men and women who were delivered from the deep deception of Islam, upon being visited by the God of love.

Site: A Muslim Journey To Hope